Tell me about the ferocity of a dying star
and tell me the way that it ruptures.
Where are the wounds and in which direction
do they bleed - outward or inward?
Will there be something left when your star has died out
I can hold like an armful of embers?

They say that no laws of physics are broken
When you watch something in reverse.
The Principle of Symmetry in Time
It’s called.
So that when glass breaks
And the atoms let their bonds go
And the tape is rewound
There is no Scientist who can say,

“No, that can’t happen!
There is a natural law being broken!
Glass cannot repair itself in such a way!”

And when the planets roll backwards
They still sweep out equal space in equal time
In accordance with Kepler’s laws
And they still move as if there’s a force
Proportional to their mass,
Inverse the square of their distance.

So, tell me, then, if you can, why
When a heart breaks, it can’t be mended
Or why a dead man, remains dead.

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