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Chapter IX - Random Insults

You hear a lot about random violence, but not about random insulting. But why not? Insulting is a form of violence, is it not? So why should we not have random insulting? It's just as fun as random violence, and often completely disregarded by the law. So, next time you go shopping, go up to the first woman you see (or man, if you are a woman), who is around your age and shout: "You goddamn bitch. So, I have to hear from your friends that you are fucking my boss. Well, guess what? I've been sleeping with your sister for 2 months now. Oh yeah! And let me tell you, she is one wild woman. So get your shit out of my fucking apartment. She's moving in." And walk off. I personally do this at least once a week.

Other good ideas for random insults:

  • "Tell that fat bitch, your sister, to stop calling me"
  • "Um, excuse me sir, could I have just a second of your time? Thank you. I'd just like to say, sir, if I may, that you are ONE FAT FUCK!"
  • "Hey, Chink! No, not you, the other Chink! What the fuck! Everybody around here is a fucking Chink!"
    N.B. this is a great insult, and is good to use when in a large crowd of a particuar ethnic group, such as in China Town, or a synagogue. You will have insulted everyone around you, much to your delight.

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