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The Art Of Insulting - FAQ

It is very difficult to completely fathom the intricacies of insulting just from reading this essay. I HAVE tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, drawing as far as I could on my own lecture notes from Cornell and NYU. Those courses were very successful, and it took the Governor of New York a long time to get the state back to how it was.

Unfortunately, however, there is no substitute for frontal lectures, and office hours. The Everything community had to do with learning the art of insulting just from reading this essay - an impossible task.

I have no option of giving frontal lobotomy or office hours here at Everything2, and so in their stead, I propose a FAQ. Simply add a w/u below with your stupid problem, and I'll reply to it.


(Please first read the questions and then my replies, as I wouldn't want the order of reading to detract from the sheer stupidity of the questions.)

Caro Cletus the Foetus,

Non hai detto quale è la lingua che parli. Non posso sapere se capisce Italiano o Inglese. Non è importante. Sei tanto stupido che non possa insultare nessuno. Non potresti insultare tua madre. Cazzo.

- Footprints

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