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Chapter Seven -- The Arahat

  1. The fever of passion exists not for one
    who has completed the journey, who is sorrowless
    and wholly set free, and has broken all ties.
  2. The mindful ones exert themselves. They
    are not attached to any home; like swans that
    abandon the lake, they leave home after home behind.
  3. Those who do not accumulate and are
    wise regarding food, whose object is the Void,
    the unconditioned freedom--their track cannot
    be traced, like that of birds in the air.
  4. One whose cankers are destroyed and who
    is not attached to food, whose object is the Void,
    the unconditioned freedom--one's path cannot be
    traced, like that of birds in the air.
  5. Even the gods hold dear the wise, whose
    senses are subdued like horses well-trained by a
    charioteer, whose pride is destroyed and who are
    free from the cankers.
  6. There is no more worldly existence for
    the wise one, who, like the earth, resents nothing;
    who is as firm as a high pillar and as pure as a
    deep pool free from mud.
  7. Calm is one's thought, calm one's speech and
    calm one's deed, who, truly knowing, is wholly,
    freed, perfectly tranquil and wise.
  8. The person who is without blind faith,
    who knows the Uncreate, who has severed all
    links, who has destroyed all causes (for kamma,
    good and evil), and who has thrown out all desires
    --that person truly is the most excellent of people.
  9. Inspiring, indeed, is that place where
    Arahats dwell, be it a village, a forest,
    a vale or a hill.
  10. Inspiring are the forests where worldlings
    find no pleasure. There the passionless will
    rejoice, for they seek no sensual pleasures.

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