Where is Satan?

The Adversary isn't here.

What? This is Hell's heart: the site where Lucifer fell.

Lucifer is not the adversary, though he did land here. No, the Adversary is in Heaven.

Heaven? Satan is not in heaven blasphemer!

Of course, he is in heaven; how could he fulfill his role so far from God?

Fulfill his what? Is this some gnostic shit you are pulling on me, because I-

Actually, the primarily Jewish doctrine in this case is correct. Though God did create the Adversary {Lies!}, God did not create evil because Evil can not issue from the Perfect One {Obviously not-} Again you show your ignorance of the Adversary's role. He is not an armed combatant as I understand the name suggests. The Adversary was created to provide God with a dialogue.

Dialogue? Are you kidding? God created the Devil because he was lonely?

No. God created angels to worship him and overlook his creations. If you want a dialog, you must engage those who disagree with you, not those who "worship" you.

God does not want a 'dialogue.' God wants a creation as perfect as himself. Hence, he cast the interloper to where we presently stand.

I know by 'God' you really mean 'I.'

You know what? this has surpassed blasphemy, you are merely being spitefully contrary.

Those who channel the Adversary are always accused of this. Except, of course, by God. He is delighted by frustration.

*Kills the other*

Where is Satan? Answer me!

written 12 December 6

As noted above, Jewish theologians believed that God created an angel to identify and criticize evil in men. This concept stands in contrast to the Zoroastrian (and later Christian) belief that God is opposed by an independent, malevolent force. Here, malevolence is human sprung and the Adversary opposes that segment of humanity. It acts as the pessimistic aspect of God's conscience. This is particularly clear in The Book of Job: Satan demands a test of humanity's faith in light of suffering.

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