I swear I'm not making this up ...

Terrifica is the name of a "superhero" in the New York City area, whose mission is to protect women who are in danger of being taken advantage of. She sits in bars, drinking Shirley Temples, in a gold mask, blonde wig, and hot pink tights (and matching cape), with a utility belt consisting of pepper spray, a cell phone, and Smarties candies, waiting for men about to do something evil, and intervening, seeing the women safely home.

By day she's a computer programmer. Imagine that...

She says her own feelings of vulnerability led her to create this alter-ego, and compares herself to the fictional Batman: "The reason why Batman was dark was because he kept seeing his demon -- the murder of his parents and his need to avenge them -- every time he did what he did," Sarah (Terrifica's "real name") says. "I guess that is essentially the same thing with me. I experience the same hurt and pain over and over again..."

The jury's still out on whether "Sarah" is in fact a well-intentioned kook (my opinion) or just someone who really needs to get laid (the opinion of her arch-nemesis Fantastico).

Source: http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/terrifica021105.html

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