One of the three Inhumanoids along with Metlar and D'compose, Tendril was a giant green monster, looking something like a cross between plant life and a squid gone horribly wrong. Whenever one of Tendril's limbs would be cut off, he not only regrew the limb, but the severed limb grew into a new Tendril monster.

Ten"dril (?), n. [Shortened fr. OF. tendrillon, fr. F. tendre tender; hence, properly, the tender branch or spring of a plant: cf. F. tendrille. See Tender, a., and cf. Tendron.] Bot.

A slender, leafless portion of a plant by which it becomes attached to a supporting body, after which the tendril usually contracts by coiling spirally.

Tendrils may represent the end of a stem, as in the grapevine; an axillary branch, as in the passion flower; stipules, as in the genus Smilax; or the end of a leaf, as in the pea.


© Webster 1913.

Ten"dril (?), a.

Clasping; climbing as a tendril.




© Webster 1913.

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