I know you are there.
Floating in the nurtured void -
Burning, purest flame.
Only we know the absolute singularity of it.

No one may enter these hallowed halls.
They cannot –
They have eyes, but they can’t see
They imagine, but cannot perceive.

To Sink - To Soar –
To be enveloped in the warmness of Otherplace
To pour one’s being into the all consuming fire,
Sacred fuel of desire.

Though words flow, the essence frustrates description.
Like a wisp of lace deftly blown out of grasp,
It toys, it teases,
It plays at the back of the mind
Making covenants, tossing shadows.

Then, as an oft tempted adder, you strike.
Once pure and bright,
The rancid flame lashes out and pierces.
Not me,
But at those who cannot see.
It wraps its poison tendrils about them,
And drags them down into cavernous black.
It tears, It consumes
And they scream.

I thought I once pursued you
Your elusiveness only fueled my passion
Over any hurdle, around any obstacle I would strive
In my lust for you.

Now, with dread, I realize that it was not I hunting you,
But you were hunting me.
And with that last step I took toward your phantom affections,
I became inextricably entwined in your web.

Now, in silent anguish, I writhe
Knowing they will never see.

How can I not consume you
When you’re consuming me?

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