Ten Foot Pole is an amazing California-based pop-punk band. Their songs, while upbeat and easy to dance to, touch on much more serious subjects than most bands of their genre, including child abuse (Daddy), self-mutilation ( Late at Night), and some of the most emotional breakup-and-aftermath-related songs I've ever heard (It's Not Me, Nova Scotia, Shelter, Dying Duck in a Thunderstorm, etc).

TFP has gone through several lineups over the years; the current one is:

Kevin Ruggeri, drums
Mike Levy, bass
Eric Cody, lead guitar
Dennis Jagard, lead vocals, rythm guitar

Though not the original singer (he took over the job right before they released "Unleashed", Dennis does an admirable job on the older songs (NOTE: I never heard the older songs performed live by the original singer, only recorded or performed live by Dennis); in the band's bio at www.tenfootpole.com, he explains that in the absence of their original singer, who left the band to pitch for the White Sox, "singing felt natural since \he\ wrote most of the lyrics."

Full Length Albums:

Swill (1993)*
Rev (1994)
Unleashed (1997)
Insider (1999)
Bad Mother Trucker (2002)

*The last time I saw them, when they were pitching their merchandise during their show, Dennis apologetically referred to this album as "more of a garage album," kept around for the sake of "the hardcore fans."

Much of the information in this writeup came from www.tenfootpole.com.

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