Swedish band consisting of:

Big Sweet Poppa Pat (Patrik Arve) - vocals
Jocko Apa (Joakim Åhlund) - bass
Erik Olsson - drums
Klas Åhlund - guitar

The music style is a mix between punk rock and hip-hop, but the band only produce rock music. They bring in rappers from other bands to do the rapping, like Thomas Rusiak.

Although they have punk influence, the band members have stated that they hate NOFX-style punk music. The band have Fugazi and Big Black as musical inspiration. Of the three albums they have published, "You are Teddybears Sthlm" is the one most influenced by hardcore punk. "I can´t belive it´s Teddybears Sthlm" is more mainstream and "Rock 'n' roll Highschool" is all-out commercial. Teddybears STHLM (STHLM is short for Stockholm) got a lot of rotation on MTVE with their catchy tune Rock 'n' roll highscool, a song with much 80ies nostalgia, and a rather cool animated video. With this song, it seems that they have shanged their style alltogether, to a much more popular style.

They seem to not limit the guest artist to rappers, as Paula and sings on the rather nice song Yours to keep.

Their website (www.teddybearssthlm.com) have little info, but a neat-o little game that mimics the style and music of Rock 'n' roll Highschool.

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