Teudebur map Beli
King of Strathclyde (722-752)

Teudebur became king in 722 on the death of his father. His contemporary was Oengus son of Fergus king of the Picts who at the time was busy extending the dominion of the Picts over neighbouring Dal Raida.

The Picts however seemed to have over stretched themselves when Talorgen, Oengus' brother, attacked the kingdom of Strathclyde. As the Annales Cambriae records for the year 750,

Battle between the Picts and the Briton, that is the battle of Mocetauc.(1) And their king Talorgan is killed by the Britons.
This was a serious setback for the Picts and effectively ended Oengus' dreams of domination of the north. Which may be an explanation why Oengus was willing to ally himself shortly afterwards with the Northumbrian king Eadberht in an attack on Strathclyde during the reign of Teudebur's successor Dumnagual.


(1) Also known as the battle of Mygedawg

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