A celebrity hairdresser in Great Britain in the 60s. His real name was Raymond Bessone. His clientele was extremely high-brow, numbering movie stars and other persons of the upper class, and Raymond himself was well-known for trying to out-snob his customers by claiming to be "meditating" when pacing restlessly up and down his store while his clients were awaiting their hair-cuts with increasing ire.

According to the BBC Cult website, Vidal Sassoon started as an assistant to Raymond Bessone, with aspirations of usurping his status as Grand Poobah of the Scissors. I'll let the obnoxious TV ads of past and present speak for themselves.

Raymond would conceal his great talents of snipping hair by having cubicles set up in his shop, so others wouldn't see him work. Not only that, but he would continually switch to different parts of the head and work the hair at random, to conceal his technique.

As to why he is called Teasy-Weasy, no one seems to have any clear idea.

He is often referenced sarcastically by several BBC comedy shows, including Monty Python and Red Dwarf.

(having been asked to navigate light speed and cut Rimmer's hair simultaneously)
"I'm not a combination of the speaking clock, Moss Bros., and Teasy-Weasy!" - Holly, Red Dwarf

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