Tatsu Maki Sempuu Kyaku
A technique taught by the Shotokan school of karate in the Street Fighter universe. The name means "dragon gale kick" and is commonly known in arcades as "the hurricane kick." The attack is hard to describe but it involves spinning around in the air with one foot extended, looking something like a helicopter. With the evolution of the technique each fighter has their own spin on it.

Tatsu Maki Sempuu Kyaku-the standard version of the move which Ryu uses. Ken uses a version which is more rapid and hit multiple times, but it's not as strong as Ryu's. Also this attack can be used in the air as well.

Tatsu Maki Zankuu Kyaku-the version used only by Gouki which is even faster and more powerful than Ryu's and Ken's. Plus it even sends opponent flying into the air for the potential of juggling for more damage. The name translates to "dragon slashing wind kick."

Shinkuu Tatsu Maki Sempuu Kyaku-a powerful version used only by Ryu, also means "vacuum dragon gale kick." This attack stays stationary as Ryu spins around, causing a tornado effect as it can "suck" opponents in.

Shipuu Jinrai Kyaku-a custom combo version of the hurricane kick used only by Ken. Ken starts with a short combo of spinning kicks then ends it with a flying hurricane kick.

Mesatsu Gourasen-a vertically flying hurricane kick used only by Gouki. This attack is extremly damaging and sends Gouki flying high into the sky. Also, it can be executed in the air as well as the ground.

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