Tasuki is one of the Suzaku Shichi Seishi (Seven Celestial Warriors of the god Suzaku) in the manga and anime series Fushigi Yuugi, originally drawn by Watase Yuu. His name is written 翼宿 where the first character is the same as the distinguishing mark on his right arm (tsubasa - "wing").

Alternate Name: 候俊宇(Koushun'u); 幻狼(Genrou)
Birthdate: April 18th
Zodiac Sign: Ram (Aries)
Constellation: Cup (Crater)
Age: 17
Height: 178 cm (5 feet 11 inches)
Blood Type: B
Siblings: five older sisters

(Mild spoilers for the first few episodes after he appears from here on)

Tasuki is the fifth seishi that the main character Miaka, the Suzaku no Miko (Priestess of Suzaku), encounters. Searching for the last three seishi with the help of a magic mirror, Miaka sees the character for "mountain" in the mirror and heads for Mt. Reikaku, even though she has heard tales of a group of bandits living there. After being captured by the bandits, she helps one of them, Genrou, overthrow the current leader and take back what is rightfully his, a powerful fan called a tessen, which literally means "iron fan." Eventually Genrou reveals that he is, in fact, Tasuki, and joins the group.

His primary power is a fire attack using the tessen triggered by the words "Rekka Shin'en" (rekka means something like "violent fire"). He has orange hair and eyes, and like his element, his personality is fiery, but never in a malicious way. Since he grew up with the bandits, he is a rough, foul-mouthed, Kansai-speaking guy who still is protective of Miaka when necessary. However, he cannot tolerate girls in general because he grew up with five older sisters who continually dominated him. His hobbies are arguing with people, especially Tamahome, and getting drunk. Nuriko and Chichiri seem to really like throwing him against walls or hitting him over the head when he does something stupid, which happens fairly often for comic relief.

Sources: The first artbook (original Japanese) and the anime itself.

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