Nakago is the leader of the seiryu seishi in the anime and manga series Fushigi Yuugi. His is tall, blonde, and is generally as flawless as he is merciless.

This is one major problem with Fushigi Yuugi, to my way of thinking.

I don't mind Nakago's personality. I don't mind his bishonen nature. What I mind is that he is inexplicably more powerful than ANY of the other seishi. There's no explanation for this. Yuu Watase never gives us any reason for the fact that Nakago's skills with magic are more powerful than Chichiri's, yet his fighting skill exceeds (usually) Tamahome and Hotohori's. (Chichiri is the most powerful mage among the Suzaku characters, and Tamahome and Hotohori are the main fighters.)

It turns out that of the various and sundry pretty boys in Fushigi Yuugi, Yuu Watase's favorite is (you guessed it) Nakago. Basically she loves her implacable blonde bishounen so much that he gets stronger mojo than the rest of 'em.

That notwithstanding, he is one bad muthafscka.

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