Tarves is a small village situated between Oldmeldrum and Methlick in the North East of Scotland, close to Aberdeen, the main city of the region.

Tarves lies a few miles from the seat of the Marquis of Aberdeen, at the National Trust estate Haddo House. This is a delightfully pleasant area of Scotland, with gently rolling hills, elegant pastures and many historic monuments, such as the House itself.

Towering above the village is the Prop of Ythsie, a tower erected in the 1800's to thank Lord Aberdeen for his good service to his tenants.

The village itself is very small, fewer than a thousand people live there. The main focal points along it's main street, Duthie Road, are the two public houses, the Aberdeen Arms Hotel and The Globe. Both are typical country pubs, which have remained in private ownership to this day.

The town has a lively social scene, with the parish church forming the center of it for many villagers. The town hall hosts occasions for the village most weekends, and there is an excellent local Ceilidh band, headed by a very talented young fiddler.

Most buildings in the center of the village are centuries old, with only the new housing estate (added around 1980-1990) to change this. It has a wonderfully old feel to it, and has been relatively unspoiled by the modern world. An active amentities group strive to keep flowers blooming around the village all year, and as such it is a very beautiful place to visit.

If you happen to be in the Aberdeen area, you could get no better view of the community spirit of the North East than by visiting Tarves, and if you can, please stay for a drink.

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