A Dart station in Dublin. Dublin is divided north-south by the river Liffey. The inhabitants of either side are wary of venturing onto alien soil (the other side). Tara Street station is the last station before you venture over to the north side or the first station on your return to the south side.

The platforms are half covered so in bad weather it is not a great station to wait for a train, the tracks ben away in both directions and it used to be near impossible to determine when a train was coming. Last year electronic signs were installed on the platforms which tell you the arrival time of the next train (yay!). Next to these are television which tell you about films that are currently showing in the city and try to sell you stuff ?.

Tara street is handy for getting to Mulligans which is a really good pub in Dublin. There is also a pub under the arches of the the train station if you can't wait after you get off the train.

I had a pint there one day with a german friend call silke, god that was years ago, she took a picture of me swigging me pint and gave it to me later. She was nice, had sharp teeth, but I never got to experience them in quite the way I might have liked.

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