A Camper Van Beethoven ode, about fifteen years after the fact, to the woman who was, briefly, America's beloved revolutionary sweetheart, Patricia Hearst. After her kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army, her "eyes were opened", and she joined the struggle against The Man yadda yadda yadda, even participating in a bank robbery (for indeed she was "Photographed in fifteen second intervals / In a bank in San Leandro"; the security cameras caught her holding a machine gun, but debate raged over whether or not the gun was actually pointed at anyone) and other assorted activities. Her new revolutionary name was "Tania"; she ditched that "fascist insect" (obscure Doonesbury reference), well-scrubbed collegiate-looking fiancé Steven Weed, for one of her SLA compadres, William "Cujo" Wolfe (Sorry, comrades, she's taken!). Wolfe later died in a house fire, presumably started by the FBI, and the SLA released a tape of Patty/Tania delivering a eulogy, of sorts, to her fallen comrade/amour.

See also: SLA tape, 24 April 1974.

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