The Tandy 1000 computer system.

This is a model sold in the late 1980's, early 1990's, in Radio Shack stores around the United States. I am unsure of how far outside Radio Shack's influence spread, but I am pretty sure Tandy systems are mostly indiginous to North America.

The Tandy 1000 computer system was designed to compete with Big Blue's PCjr system. However, weeks before the Tandy 1000 was due on the market, IBM dropped the PCjr line.
There are several models of the Tandy 1000:
  • Tandy 1000 SL
  • Tandy 1000 TL/3
  • Tandy 1000 RL/2
  • Tandy 1000 RL-HD
  • Tandy 1000-RLX
  • Tandy 1000-RSX

They had 30 pin SIMM memory, with a base of 640 K. A VGA display. AT keyboard and a serial mouse. Most interesting is that the Tandy also came with a rubber mat that was slightly larger than the computer so you didn't scratch your table. They used 5 1/4" floppy disk drives and some models of Tandys had hard drives that were around 20MB or so.
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They even had older models:

  • Tandy 1000 (8088 I think)
  • Tandy 1000 SX (another 8Mhz 8088, 384K mem, upgradable)
  • Tandy 1000 TX (a 80286 at 12Mhz, 640K)
  • Tandy 1000 EX (a 286 or 386 with DOS in ROM)

Old weird stuff. I had an SX. Does anyone remember Tandy 3-voice sound? Great for Sierra Games.

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