Name of the gameday program (magazine) that can be bought at home football games of the University of Florida.

The name is presumably a play off of Tales from the Crypt or several other things named "Tales from the...". Florida's home stadium is nicknamed The Swamp.

As far as sports programs go, Tales From The Swamp is rather large (the one I bought on Saturday was over 100 pages). Admittedly, the program is mostly advertisements. In addition to the standard team rosters and info, there's many pages of pro-Florida "propaganda" (How else can one describe a page titled: "Florida Football: Achieving Legendary Status"?)

Graphically, the program is "pretty", with tons of color pictures.

In 2001, each Tales From The Swamp is $5. If you're going to only one game and want a keepsake, it's ok. Otherwise, it's overpriced (as most gameday programs are, IMHO...).

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