As defined in books by Daniel Quinn, Takers are those who would "take the rule of the world into their own hands." Thus, Takers live by this world vision: The world was created for us to rule, our destiny is to rule the world, and the only reason we've not yet been able to fulfill this destiny is because mankind is fundamentally flawed in some manner. Once one is aware of this vision, one can see how harmful it is. We can also readily see how this vision is expressed in every medium in our society.

Contrasted to Takers are the Leavers, those who "leave the rule of the world in the hands of the gods." Their world view is quite different: The world is a sacred place and a sacred process, and we are part of it.

The distinctive differences between these two viewpoints leads to drastically different living styles. Taker lifestyle, then, is inherently unsustainable (in ecological terms), while the Leaver lifestyle is exactly the opposite in this regard.

Tak"er (?), n.

One who takes or receives; one who catches or apprehended.


© Webster 1913.

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