"Tag Heuer strive to contiune to make precision timepiece devices"

Their naysayers would have you believe that this was false. However in reality, Tag make a range of sturdy, reliable watches (and other products I defer my knowledge to) that also look fantastic.

Favouring the stainless steel look, Tag combine the rigid and rugged good looks of a variety of grades of burnished steel with attractive faces to present an elegant mix of the eclectic and the durable.

Current styles offered include the Kirium, Ego and Professional - all with a variety of features. Kirium involves a watchband composed in three parts of rectangular shiny steel centre surrounded by two half burnished exteriors. Only available in ladies, the watchface is small with a pearled colour face and tiny (thin, not stubby) hands. Ego, a mens only watch, is similar to Kirium, but with a "peaked triangle" added to the rectangle to give the impression of power and movement to the band. Professional is a more standard mens and ladies watch, with a three-part half burnished linked band, and a larger face for men. Both sexes have the chronometer adjuster with the screw down indicator, and the faces are available in stock, block colours as well. All look very nice and operate extremely well.

Overall Tag have been criticised for priciness, but they manufacture a quality product which looks good both casual and dressy.

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