A supplement to:

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

Version published 1913
by the C. & G. Merriam Co.
Springfield, Mass.
Under the direction of
Noah Porter, D. D., LL. D.

comprising pages vii to xvi of that volume.

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[EVERYTHING2 EDITOR'S NOTE: For quite some time after Webster reproduced his 1913 dictionary in this site, several of us have been pestering him to explain his system of citing authors.

Try as we might, Webster's list of authors appeared to have been lost to the depths of time: Webby himself (being dead) lost control over his notes, and a printed version of Webster's 1913 Unabridged Dictionary was nowhere to be found, no matter how many old bookshops his minions visited.

Fortunately, the list of authors was eventually found, as part of the GCIDE project at]

* * * * * * * * * * B O I L E R   P L A T E * * * * * * * * * *

THIS LIST WAS MODIFIED on 2/13/2005 from the original author's list found at GCIDE. Since GCIDE is subject to the GNU General Public License (follow the link), this text is subject to that license as well.

Modifications include:

  • Formatting into an HTML description list.
  • Adding links (or why else would this appear on Everything2)?
  • Expanding abbreviations (within pipelinks).
  • Correcting obvious misspellings.
  • Adding a ridiculous backstory for Everything2's fictitious character Webster 1913.
  • Removing the ND line where it was not appropriate.

The content of list will also be modified from time to time by Everything2 content editors in order to correct errors missed in the original modification. However, we wish to preserve the essential look and feel, the ineffable "webster-iness" of this list. Most modifications consist of formatting, or can be found in pipe links behind the document's links. Commentary may appear at the bottom of various entries, enclosed in {curly braces}.

Corrections to the list can be suggested by adding a writeup to Broken Nodes.

The following text was found at the beginning of the GCIDE author list:

NOTE: in the original printed volume, these authors were listed in three columns per page, each column also containing three subcolumns headed, respectively:

Quoted in dict. as
Names in full

For convenience in computerized processing, the three subcolumns corresponding to one entry were reorganized into paragraphs of three lines, separated from other entries by two carriage returns. The first line in each entry corresponds to "Quoted in dict. as"; the last line of each entry corresponds to "Dates"], But where the date column was blank in the original, "ND"], NO date appears in this list; the ND was not in the original dictionary; the second line corresponds to "Names in full"; but in some cases where two names are given in the entry, there are two lines corresponding to the "Names in full", and the date then appears on the fourth line of the entry. Where two names are given in the "Names in full", sometimes two sets of dates were given in the third column, one set for each author. In this list, the birth and death dates are always on the last line of each entry, and where two sets of dates are given, they correspond to the birth and death dates of the two authors, separated by a comma, and in the same order as the authors.

Where a single question mark appears after a date, this mark was present in the original dictionary and indicates uncertainty about that date. Where two question marks appear after a date, those question marks did not appear in the original dictionary, and this indicates that the date], usually the last digit is undecipherable in the printed version, and the best guess is given.

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