Amiga game by venerable Cinemaware. It came on two floppies and was really good. Key features:

  • Presentation of the games with a cool intro, a TV presenter, cheerleaders, sponsors and all you would expect
  • Customizable teams, where you could distribute points between your player's different skills (Shooting, Speed, Defending, Jumping, Rebounding, Passing)
  • A really good league system for lots of players
  • Excellent stats! You could check all your players performance, league leaders, bottom 10, etc. in all categories
  • Exciting playable game (if you tried to play fairly; there were certain unbeatable strategies against the computer)
  • 4 Player Support, you could play a two on two game with four human players
  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • All the players had different heights, although they all looked the same, they looked taller
  • Cute game system. Viewed from above the center of the court when attacking and defending, and a sideways view in transitions (where you could pick tactics)

Soon a downloadable PC EXE!!!!!

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