A graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments.
Like the TI-73, this looks like a piece of junk TI wants kids to buy, so they have to upgrade (aka buy) a more powerful calculator a few years later.
Introduction to the TI-80
The TI-80 was released with algebra and precalculus students in mind. Like the TI-81, it has no link port and is not intended for serious programming. The TI-80's newer cousin, the TI-73, sports flash upgradability and more memory, and is expected to take the place of the TI-80 in the near future. With out a Link Port this calculators development was serisouly hampered. No program could be transfered from one calculator to another, thus all programs had to be made by teh user on his or her own calculator. Note: Some of this came from Ticalc.

Model Specifications
CPU : 980 KHz proprietary
Memory : 7K RAM
Screen Size : 64x48 pixels; Black and White
Link Port? No

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