An attractive desktop calculator by Texas Instruments. It has a large, easy-to-read 8-digit liquid crystal display and big keys (but not too big) for easy input.

Another good feature of this calculator is its durability. I had a bloody scientific calculator in grade 7 that broke in one drop to the floor. Very disheartening. But the TI-1795 has been to hell and back and never failed me (except in dark rooms, because it's solar-only). I've even used this handy feller on university math exams. But, even though no higher scientific calculator processes were 'necessary' for the exam, the fucking ignorant profs still screwed my ass over with some 10-digit numbers. Ignorant bastards..

The keys:
(./--) (7) (8) (9) (X) ( / )
( %  ) (4) (5) (6) (-) (MRC)
(+/- ) (1) (2) (3) (+) (M- )
(ON/C) (O) (.) (=) ( ) (M+ )

Personal note:
My TI-1795 is a reject. Its M+ key is sideways.

Other versions:
TI-1795 SV

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