A completly bogus marketing ploy to give consumers the sense of security that their data will always get where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Unfortunately, the company who uses this phrase, FusionOne, neither creates software worth the catch phrase "Sync is everything" or even the technology that matches the phrase.

FusionOne is a company that creates software and services that mirror what other companies are attempting to do also, create a seamless home-to-office, office-to-home, peer-to-peer document and file sharing program that makes it easy for people to work at home using documents they access at work and vice-versa.

Unfortunately, the way FusionOne has set this up almost completly destroys the "Sync is everything" phrase. Their software is buggy, bloated, and occasionally, from my experience and a few other friends' experience, files are mysteriously lost in cyberspace. Now, they could have improved the system since I first tried it, but its important for startups to make a good first impression.

If you have seen the commercials for FusionOne, you might be quite amused at the insane monkey with a chainsaw running after a helpless individual, a fat hairy man laughing and pointing at a bag of money that isn't there, or some poor guy that just goes for a meal in a diner but ends up with more than he bargained for.

The commercials are very good, creative, and entertaining. The bad part is, the commercials have almost nothing to do with the product they're advertising. If you've never heard of FusionOne before and a commercial of theirs comes on your television, you might think they're trying to sell a network data sync program or some sort of socks or proxy server, or maybe even broadband internet access. Nope. A perfectly good advertising scheme is wasted on a virtually useless product.

Is sync really everything?

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