Upon reading a few things about a band that I love called Dashboard Confessional, I realized that no one mentioned the singer Chris Carraba's first full length acoustic album entitled Swiss Army Romance.

This was quite possibly the best album he has ever released. It was back in the day when he was still a solo artist, and he hadnt enlisted the help of other bands such as Saves the Day.

The music of Dashboard Confessional has been labeled emo, but I dont see it that way at all. It is emotional yes. But it is so wonderful, it dosent diserve to be shoved into superficial categories. Its pure, and thats that.

You can pick up Swiss Army Romance at any local Wherehouse Music store. (My place of employment.) I promise you that not only will you be supporting a rising artist and star, but you will be buying some high quality h2o... oh, I mean music.

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