Erotic/pornographic photographer. She started photographing in the 1970's when working as a fashion model in Europe. In 1975 Hugh Hefner was so impressed by her work that he contracted her at Playboy, where she worked for the next two years. From 1977 to 1979 she worked as a staff photographer at Hustler. Apparently, she has been the first woman photographer to make it into the big league of porn.

From 1980 on she has been working freelance. Her work has been published more or less everywhere including Penthouse.

The subject matter is often fetish, including light BDSM, rubber, leather and lesbian scenes. The photographic style is impeccable. Her pictures are all achingly sharp. There is no diffusion, no soft focus, no motion blur. Her subjects are immobilized by the light (I imagine) of many giant strobes skillfully placed on complex sets.

The color is always vivid and saturated. She used to shoot on Kodachrome, and now uses Kodak Ektachrome E100S.

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