Sunday 8pm is Faithless' second album, the follow-up to the 1996 release of Reverence. Released in 1998, Sunday 8pm is heavily influenced by the experience of the band on tour, especially in America, after their rise to fame with the first album. Faithless were on tour for a substantial part of the period 1997 - 1998, as is true following the release of Outrospective in 2001, and it shows in both the songs (esp. Postcards) and the overall style of this album.

Sunday 8pm is a sadder, perhaps moodier, offering than Reverence, but brilliantly eclectic. The format of the first album remains in that this album contains the two dance tracks, a ballad or two, and the raps by Maxi Jazz (mostly longer than in Reverence), plus the non-lyrical "chillout" track.

In Reverence these were Salva Mea and Insomnia; Don't Leave and Angeline; Reverence, If Loving You Is Wrong, Dirty Old Man and Baseball Cap; and ending with Drifting Away.

These can then be seen as Take the Long Way Home and God Is A DJ; Why Go?; Bring My Family Back, She's My Baby and Killer's Lullaby; with Sunday 8pm and The Garden respectively in Sunday 8pm. Each album also has a track or two featuring a female vocalist, i.e. Dido, such as Flowerstand Man and Hem Of His Garment. This theme also clearly continues like this in the third album, Outrospective.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. The Garden.
  2. Bring My Family Back.
  3. Hour of Need.
  4. Postcards.
  5. Take The Long Way Home
  6. Why Go? (feat. Boy George)
  7. She's My Baby.
  8. God Is A DJ.
  9. Hem Of His Garment.
  10. Sunday 8pm.
  11. Killer's Lullaby.
  12. These two remixes were included in the 2001 re-release:

  13. Killer's Lullaby (Nightmare on Wax remix)
  14. Bring My Family Back (Paul van Dyk remix)

This album was also nominated for the British Mercury Music Prize for 1998, but was beaten by Roni Size and Reprazent's New Forms (although many believe that Radiohead's OK Computer should have won).

Faithless released 4 tracks as singles from this album in the following order: God Is A DJ in August 1998, Take The Long Way Home in November the same year, Bring My Family back in April 1999, and Why Go? (double-A side with If Lovin' You Is Wrong) in October that year.

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