It is that time of the year again; the land is turning. In the northern hemisphere, the green grass is slowly becoming yellow from the tips down as the frost nips away at everything living. The soil hardens and the insects retreat. I find solitude again and from there, the desire; the desire that was sun stressed from the grueling summer months and in hiding for heat will destroy everything. I regain focus and with it clarity. However, this year was the mildest summers I have worked under to my memory. I use the word work loosely, as for what I have the pleasure of doing is not work to me. It is cruel and unusual employment but it is hardly physical. It is a torture for most, a true fit for the select few.

The brave, the tempered souls are casted upon Humanity to deliver us to the Promised Land.

Taking pride in what you do is important. By setting goals and developing the skills to meet the criteria, we develop emotional dependence. With it, we create structure and we gain confidence.

We chase the dragon.

Oh, how often do we set course on our desired path; it is the definition of gifted to be able to follow one's dreams to fruition. We all dream-- whether they're pursued is another matter-- but yet after losing sight to only regain familiarity, that is destiny following fate. With that, the discovery of another chapter of the story we are born to share.

We teach that our actions are either right or wrong; we do not understand as kids the morality of our instincts. We develop an acceptance of practices we tolerate, and through our elders, government and religion, our community adopts a system of beliefs it practices. We adhere to the norms of our society whether we agree or not. Whether the neighboring communities agree or not, and we stick to our beliefs to a fault. Sadly, we have been attacking each other and have been going to war for ages now over these disagreements just to determine what is righteous.

I want to understand the reasoning behind someone’s actions, to understand Humanity and myself better. I do not want to isolate myself due to my own personal beliefs.

We have law and we have morality, and we have incongruities in and in between the two, which can cause ripples in our society. One individual’s beliefs can cause ripples in another’s, but instead of casting judgment, it is better to find acceptance rather than trying to enforce conformity. When you enforce conformity, we end up with situations like the Catholic inquisition and the Holocaust.

Now, some Jewish men will not trim their beard because of it, it is the longest running ‘No shave November’ ever. I only kid, they have been afraid to destroy their facial pubes and look like a woman since, well ever since HE said so. Something about the beard contains unconventional wisdoms stored in the 13 regions of facial hair. Each to their own, I guess, some believes in the magicks and others don’t.

Wait what; you say your cool season grass is already hay-bale yellow. Well hum-ph, I guess the grass is always greener on my side of the fence. Do not worry about it. All it needs is some love and love is a renewable source, diverse and unfathomable in its numerous applications. It mends and it bends, it is better than duct tape (Get you some love today! (Now by popular demand; LOVE is Now in aerosol cans! (Buy two, one for you and one for that special someone in your life, like your boss's wife :)))).

"I can see you are still your normal self."

"You expected different?"

Forgive me I have moral fortitude. It is just something you must have in life, or your freedoms are in jeopardy. It is the strength to fight for what is right. With that, I give you my three commandments:

1. Acquire the proper Balance.

2. Progress with Tempo.

3. Always Follow Through.

In every battle, every game, every relationship, and every moment of our lives if we do not follow these three commandments we will lose the match. Much of it is a battle against your own mind, a constant struggle from within amidst the external complications. You will find it was never really a battle against your opponent but rather one against yourself.

There are attributes to each of my commandments we all must work on to in order to accomplish our goals. As we see in chess and golf, without the fundamentals every move becomes a weakness. When we work on these fundamentals, our skills and understanding become greater, and from it the confidence to do what is right.

To live up to the three commandments a person must learn to juggle the tasks, each one reacquired repeatedly in a constant loop for success. Focus honed in, a strong desire and with synchronicity, anything is possible. Always remember: “Your balance must be forward, your actions precise, and aligned with your target line. “

"Now, my children run along and go play."

It is time to get down to brass tacks here. No one is perfect and we all are not going to agree on what is right, but through repetition, we will discover what works the best. My point is, when we are making laws for our government, we are essentially making laws for the people to abide by as well and Vis a Versa. For the people and by the people, right; and if we the people depicted certain unalienable right to be set forth under such legal system, would everyone, not just the government have to grant such rights to every party.

Ok, okay OK.

I am just trying to say we need fewer soldiers and more judges. Daily our freedoms are trounced because people’s fear for standing up for their choice. They rather obey what others say is correct rather than convey what they think is correct.

Group mentality is not emotional dependence.

This is a declaration of independence.

I had a dream… I saw homosexuals able to smoke some marijuana on their front porch without prejudice. A religious man thought of as sane when comparing his sources of outdated literature with a man of science, and so forth for the man of science with all his crazy theories about things he cannot prove definitively, but is adamant in their validness yet still coming from outdated sources of literature. I saw people of different Ethnicities receiving a comparably low interest rate on a mortgage, in a wealthy neighborhood, without making more than his white counter-part. No wait, I have a better one, a young black man in a dangerous neighborhood being able to protect himself with a pistol and not have the cops kill him with some ridiculous backstory of robberies and feeling threatened.

I had a dream where people acted in accordance of the bill of rights with each other.

It was weird, because everything was different but exactly the same; the golden rule prevailed and people fully respected each other without cause. There was no need for the minimum wage to be raised and the housing market never crashed because it was always affordable; everyone had a home and people allowed spiders to live with them in their domicile; and Yeshua returned and every time he farted, rainbows came out his ass.

It was a beautiful dream. People spoke freely of their beliefs; carried pistols without worry of people calling the authorities into search their house without a warrant and lock people up, and throw away the key without probable cause, due process or a bond set. All because we agreed everyone would have the individual power to govern themselves instead of forming groups of angry mobs demanding their form of justice.

Is it just me or is 70% of the bill of rights just ignored any more. After the part about, forming a militia and baring arms, people check out. Actually, they checked out somewhere after the first sentence in the constitution to wake up for a brief second about freedom of speech to doze off to regain consciousness for the part about guns to only fall deep asleep for the remainder of the lecture. Due process is about to be over taken by group mentality and public lynching again. I cannot count the amount of times I have heard someone say he is guilty, kill him and save the burden on the taxpayers before the prosecution released the discovery.

I am glad these people have never suffered being at the wrong place at the wrong time, being a victim of circumstances, and was wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit. This tells me our legal system is not completely in disorder. We just need judges connected to this generation’s societal issue, not of a society 50 years ago when most of these old ass judges had a broomstick shoved up their ass and propped up on their pedestal, and told “Sit there, scratch your head a couple times, then say guilty.”

I wonder how many incompetent judges botched the trial because of Alzheimer’s induced moments or because the old fart was tired and wanted to go home. Even worst yet, what if the prejudice from a bygone era “lives strong in their bones.”

How can we trust a fair trial is going to take place when a judge allows the tenth witness to fabricate their story?

How do we know what is right?

I understand that are plenty of ways using arithmetic to find 10, however, there are some very discernible wrong ways. Math is black and white, right or wrong, there are no shades of gray.

A person’s actions are a little less straightforward. People have complex motives. It is more or less instinctual, but still in the gray. Hunger can drive someone to sell loose cigarettes, bilk granny out of your inheritance, and even poison people with impurities cut into the drugs they are selling. Often times, people act like the rest of the animal kingdom and are straight forward by stealing someone’s turkey. Right or wrong, who are we to judge?

The thing is both are correct. There is good in the bad whether we choose to see it or not, and every action is done for the same reason, they are different parts of the equations to the same outcome.

That leads me to question the timeless phrase “does life imitate art, or does art imitate life.”

Which in all reality is the paradoxical question of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

The answer to that question is and always will be another question of, “who created the feedback loop initially.”

To that, we may never have the answer, perhaps it was just by chance, the luck of the draw; or it could be something much larger, maybe there is a pattern in the chaos.

Like male and female, they are one in the same but different, they are two different energies with different instincts that are very much the same. This is an essential part of nature; it cannot continue without the desire and will of those separate instincts. Which creates cause and effect, and from there we learn self-control when desire and will cause negative effects. When we do well, we develop personal-love and the reasoning behind what works, and because we at this point have learned the polarity of nature, we can begin to discover vibration.

At this point, I have to make sure all the kids have gone off to play.

Everything is movement. Everything is chaos in order. Hundreds of Thousands, to millions, Billions, Trillions of moving combinations coming together at the schweet spot. When everything is jiving, things are corresponding and the universe flows through, this is bliss.

The question is, how?

Everyone can string together a few lucky moves in order to achieve a victory. In order to have prolonged victory everything must be attune. That is pure wisdom, brothers and sisters. With pure understanding and universal love, you have reached enlightenment.


I am at my home course and its Championship layout. It was the twelfth hole, a par three; home was the center of the green. Two bunkers on either side, not a problem for the straight shot. The green does wrap around the right side sand trap, but today it wasn’t going to be an issue, the pin was far enough forward. I had plenty of landing room on a straight approach with ample nice roll up. I also had some space to wiggle myself back center if I pushed right, if need be but I did Nailed it, nine iron at one-thirtyish. The ball landed four inches before the flagstick checked straight up and came to rest ten inches directly behind the pole.

Since then I have learned to incorporate better knee and shoulder turn for more distance and could make the same shot with my pitching wedge. To finish the story, I then proceeded to relish the moment to the point I missed the birdie putt and needed to tap it in for par.

So, in other words, it is about the journey and not the destination.

We can hear those words all of our lives, but it takes some insight for them to take hold. When they do though, we get the joy of reliving them repeatedly, as we take the next step to a completely new world of opportunities.

Our lives are more than the given reality that we are bags of flesh and bones set on this earth to moan and groan. There must be something to life other than the infernal desire to reproduce. Reproduction cannot be all life has to offer. I am not a biological specimen trapped in a petri dish; I am conscious, I want my life to have meaning. I want a legacy, built not off the physical work I completed-- the towers I erected, or the fortune I amassed-- I want to give to my fellow inhabitants more than was offered to me, I want to better humanity as a whole by educating humanity as a whole.

I feel sometimes we are not allowed enough time on this Earth for that very reason, for if there is not a struggle there is not a reward to be received. It is a lesson in teamwork, I suppose. Coming together generationally to achieve greatness, to help each other become independent but united.

There is life for a reason, even our purpose here on this mortal coil has reason, we must tame the Dragon.

To learn, to love, then to link the two, by learning to love the things we cannot accept, at that point we can find true happiness.

I know it might be hard to love something different, something adverse as a westernized women loving Sharia, but we can remove the negative connotations and actions of what we despise through positive relations only. We need to replace the security of the original idea with another idea because we cannot kill the original Idea; it is a seed, and seeds can lay dormant for generations before sprouting once again. Once we plant different seeds, they take hold, under our constant, intense maintenance new vegetation and ideals can flourish on that land.

Merry solstice; may it bring great tidings of joy.

I'm writing this for a couple of reasons. To meet the requirements to reach level one, because I realize that today is the first day of the rest of my life (which is prescient when you just finished getting your liberal arts degree from a second rate school and your wondering what it was you were doing with your life up to now), and because it just hit me that it's 2015. I'm living in the future. I'm not sure what makes 2015 "the future" for me but somehow it is. At this point tradition dictates that I gripe about the lack of flying cars and robots but since this is the future I'm going to break with tradition. Instead, I'm happy with the future that I've got and this place epitomizes the reason why. When I was a kid I wonder if I would live to see the conquest of the final frontier. I can't say that I still don't want that but when I look at all the shiny new things that people create and put on the web, things that they create in their spare time and don't ask a dime for, I say let fiction keep the space opera. I'm living in the future that I want.

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