A "suggestive water spot" is a bit of water in an embarrassingly suggestive place. For example, when you wash your hands in the restroom and accidently splash water onto your pants, if you're a man; or drops of water high up on the collar of your crisp, white blouse if you're a woman.

The horrible thing about suggestive water spots is that there's nothing you can do until it dries out. Sure, you can try to blot, but blotting just spreads the spot out and wrinkles your clothes and makes it all the more noticable; or you can use the hot air blower, but, jesus, heaven forbid if someone walks into the bathroom while you're thrusting your crotch up towards it. Who knows what they would say? Knowing my coworkers it would be something like, "Get a room, Romeo." followed by two-weeks of merciless teasing.

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