Seventies rubber strong-man doll. Main feature: he stretched.(Well, would you ever...)
You could pull his arms out to fantastic lengths, and twang him. There's a nice picture of one on the front cover of Half Man, Half Biscuit's album Voyage to the Bottom of the Road.

A children's toy from the 1970s, for ages 5 and up. Debuting in 1976, Stretch was a 13" high yellow-haired male doll from Kenner. Dressed only in a pair of simple black trunks, muscular Stretch's claim to fame was his ability have his limbs stretched until he was up to 4 feet in length, after which he would return to his original size. You could even tie his arms and legs into a knot, and watch him "untie himself"!

Originally, he was made with latex rubber skin, filled with corn syrup. As many kids discovered, when he finally broke or was punctured after repeated physics experiments you could suck the lifeblood out of him. That is, hypothetically. Ahem. Anyway, later Kenner replaced the corn syrup with some kind of artificial goo which was mixed with some nasty flavorings to discourage consumption by the curious.

Other family members included the cute Olivia and Ollie the Stretch Octopuses (in pink or blue, respectively) and the villainous green Stretch Monster - the reptilian, befanged arch-enemy of the heroic Armstrong.

A later re-release by Cap Toys introduced Stretch's loyal dog Fetch but was otherwise unremarkable. Inferior copy-cat toys of the Incredible Hulk, Superman, and Batman were not from the Stretch line.

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