One of the purest forms of entertainment around today.

  1. Think of a time, for example, 1 second.
  2. Start stopwatch
  3. Excitedly watch digits count up to chosen time.
  4. When you think the digits are on chosen time, hit stop.
  5. Give yourself a pat on the back if spot-on.
  6. Repeat.

N.B. - This works best if you are a schoolchild in the 90s with one of them there fancy calculator / stopwatch / calendar watches. That may or may not also tell the time.

You've all done it, don't smirk.

Another one:

Try to double-press (like you double-click) the start-stop button of your stopwatch as quickly as you can. This will obviously show the time elapsed between your first and second presses. I never got under 0.08s and usually around 0.12s. /msg me if you've got more and you want to make your ego feel better.

This is a good way to demonstrate how slow the human body really is, and also a good way to get round button marks on your fingers for the rest of the day, especially if your watch is one of those with buttons that actually hurt when you press them. For other methods, please visit Masochism.

A variation to test your natural sense of rhythm:

  1. Start the stopwatch.
  2. Watch the counter for the first 10 seconds.
  3. On 10, close your eyes and try to keep the rhythm going in your head.
  4. Attempt to stop the watch exactly on 20 seconds.
  5. Give yourself a reward or forfeit according to how close you are.
  6. Try your friends. (Although if this is your idea of entertainment, it's unlikely you have any)

I am reliably informed (thanks, shimmer) that another version of this is to stand in a group facing a clock. On a signal, turn around so none of you can see the face, and you each have to attempt to sit down after exactly one minute. The closest to one minute is the winner.

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