One of The Twelve Swords

The Sword of Siege
Symbol: a wedge splitting a block

Stonecutter will cut through anything, like the proverbial hot knife through butter. When its point is rested on the ground, its own weight will drive it down, only the hilt stopping its descent. With no resistance to its blade, Stonecutter finds use more often than one might expect. This weapon was once used to carve a long, narrow tunnel to a prisoner's cell in order to free him.

The Sword of Siege struck a hammer's blow
With a crash, and a smash, and a tumbled wall.
Stonecutter laid a castle low
With a groan, and a roar, and a tower's fall

Stone"cut`ter (?), n.

One whose occupation is to cut stone; also, a machine for dressing stone.


© Webster 1913.

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