A BattleBot that gets its locomotion from "legs" or other non-wheel-like apparatuses. In general, StompBots don't do very well. A major problem is that they are very, very slow in comparison to wheeled Bots. They rarely have as much traction either, and so they get pushed around a lot. Another problem is that their legs tend to be very vulnerable and much more complex than the simple wheel. They tend to have a spike or arm for slamming down onto their opponents since they're no good at slamming into them. This basically needs to be able to rotate since it's easy for an opponent to just get behind them. This just ads more complexity and increases the chance for mechanical/electrical failure. One of the most succesful StompBots is Pressure Drop. A really cool looking one is Mechadon. A very sad one is Pegleg: A simple box, with a leg underneath that somehow scoots it along. According to battlebots.com, its only weapon is "luck". Something pretty much any StompBot needs.

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