This is a disco in Mühltal, near Darmstadt, Germany. Located next to a real "Steinbruch" (quarry), the Steinbruch-Theater is one of the few places in the area that plays rock music. On Friday nights you get a mix of Punk, (Nu) Metal, Alternative and Pop Rock music. Bands like The Offspring, Sepultura, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182 and lots of others get played. I've even heard Iron Maiden and Metallica before, though classic Metal is rare (try Monday/Sunday). Also, a large number of GIs drop in, since the Darmstadter Kaserne is only a short drive away. I'd say they account for 15% of the visitors.

The Steinbruch is open Monday to Sunday, with Friday being of course the most popular. Saturday is Goth-night (lotsa dark stuff). Admission is 4 Euros (little less than 4 bucks), with your average beer 2,50.

To get to the Steinbruch-Theater, follow the A5 into Darmstadt, then look around for a sign pointing to "Ober-Ramstadt". Along that way you come through Mühltal. Check the side of the road for a small hill and a parking lot. Then get ready for some serious headbanging!

Update 20.08.03: Well, some things seem to have changed...American GI Joes only get in with a special pass. It seems that the owners have had it with rowdy Marines tearing up the establishment and harassing other guests. Also, it seems Friday has sort of shifted to more Pop Rock and Saturday is now has the hard music.

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