A fantastic version of Trivial Pursuit, this one comes with four pewter "tokens" in the shape of your favorite characters (Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker). The card set is somewhat small compared to a standard Trivial Pursuit game, and some of the questions are ridiculously easy.

If you ever have to play against a die-hard star wars fan like myself, I suggest playing the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game. Where every every little wedge "earned" required the person to take a shot of something strong, preferable 100 proof or higher in order to have it plugged into their tolken. You will notice that as the know-it-all fan continues to play he will slowly get more and more wrong answers as his sobriety diminishes. After the fourth game I can usually be beaten (and the next morning I'll feel like I was).

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