I still find it hard to believe that people still believe in archaic things like "nice girls don't enjoy sex", or "girls shouldn't/don't express sexual desire". fuck that

"To me, as a guy, this node is very interesting. Most girls are much more inhibited about their modes of expression. I wonder whether this lack of inhibition is partially a function of the emotional distance between Internet and the Real World. Perhaps someone would like to comment?" - "The kind of guy who would just bend me over a table and fuck me" -hodgepodge

For me.. My nodes on everything are me.. There is no persona, no detachment from statements, etc. I wouldn't shout things like that in the middle of work, or at my grandmother's house during holiday dinners.. and I never would.. how unappropriate!

Some girls who want to fuck, just to fuck.. that doesn't mean they are whoring it up all over town. There is the difference between fucking and making love, but both can be done in the lines of a relationship built on love and respect.

We all know the double standards that society feels is the general consensus about sex, for guys it makes them studs, for women it makes them sluts. Personally I think it sucks. Girls are having sex, they are just afraid to talk about it, fear of social branding. Those "studs" are out there scoring with someone, and I doubt it's just that one girl. Who wants to live their lives in the shadows? Why does society tell me I should feel like a bad person, and try to impose guilt for something that doesn't affect them?

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