Techniques of simulating a fistfight for dramatic purposes.

For example, to fake a right-handed punch, hold your left fist near your chest and as you throw the punch (missing your partner's nose, hopefully), thump your chest with the other hand to produce the expected sound. Eyes will be on your punching fist, so if your partner fakes the "impact" well no one will see your left hand make the sound.

A knee to the head makes a great finale. Take your partner by the shoulders (or ears) and bring their head down as your bring your knee up. Again, at the moment of impact slide your hands down to slap your knee while your partner fakes the recoil. An artfully concealed gore packet completes the effect.

Other neat tricks to use here, is a well placed kick to the balls.
This one is easy, you simply step up to you partner, who cup his hands in groin-height, then you thrust you knee or your foot really hard upwards, hoping to hit the cuped hands of your partner.
Your partner should jump slightly as the foot hits his hands, making the attack look real hard, and then fall to the floor moaning and groaning.
If this procedure is done in a correct way, this will make any male person watching groan along, imagining he can feel the same pain you simulate in his own groin.

This trick requires some practice before you try it out, do not kick anyone you do not know in the groin, and do not miss the cupped hands!

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