Earlier today, on the campus of a certain Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, an ugly grey squirrel was going for a walk along a roof, when it found a rather unusual brick protrusion. Filled with effervescent curiosity, it climbed over the brim. Down, down, down it cascaded, arriving disconcertedly in the fireplace of the second floor lounge.

Quite the commotion ensued.

Students left their birthday cake preparations and jumped up on couches. "The cakes, the cakes!" screamed one, fearful of their safety in the face of a riled ravenous rodent. The squirrel, dashing frantically about the room. After the momentary panic, calm and reason gradually returned.

There's a squirrel in the lounge. What to do?

The lounge cleared of students, security called. A sign on the door posted, reading:



Security is slow, they don't come. The squirrel is stuck, ever more fearful and addled.

Then, a stroke of brilliance:

Let's open a window, so the squirrel can jump out.

Windows open, but the screen won't come out. Despair. Frustration. Perseverence. Success! The window open and clear, a cool breeze wafts through the room. The squirrel cowers on a chair.

Time passes. The squirrel wanders, finds the open window. It's a long way down. Hesitation. Bravado. Banzai Squirrel! The small mammal splays its legs out, soaring through the air. One, two, three, four meters out! One, two, three, four meters down! A frenetic imprint left in the snow, flying squirrel returns to its everyday life. Students flow back into the lounge.

Birthday cake preparations resume.

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