While also being a phrase referring to something that is immaculately clean, such as a window or countertop, this is also the name of the series of Screenie Beanies.

A cute little mouse beanie, Squeaky Clean has an optical grade soft-belly chamois to clean dirt and dust from your computer screen. Handmade in China and released into the populace as part of The Screenie Beanies Collection, this mousie is decent for getting dust from a computer screan, but don't bother using it on those pesky food-based finger smudges your kids (or coworkers) left behind for you.

The tag proclaims that Squeaky Clean was born on October 14, 1998, making it a Libra. Also on the tag is the following poem:

Don't fall in the trap chasing bad cheese.
This mouse gets around and I can please.
See your way clear to know where to scurry.
Make "tracks" with me on your screen now hurry.

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