Squaw Valley is a large ski resort located near Lake Tahoe in California. It is considered to be one of the best in the state, but I really have no idea why. It might not be bad for skiiers, but it is almost worthless for snowboarding. Almost all the runs are coated in annoying moguls. They are icy and often peppered with large rocks. The runs without moguls are generally long, annoying traverses. The 'tree' boarding is much less extensive than at Alpine Meadows or Sugar Bowl. And from what i could tell, there is no terrain park at all. There are a few good runs to be had, around the backside and edges of the mountain where no one goes.

They hosted some of the Winter Olympics here at one point, a fact they advertise profusely with the olympic logo seen abundantly around the resort. They fail to mention, however, that much of the Olymics really took place at Sugar Bowl. Also, the resort clings to a name that many find offensive towards women or Native Americans.

One of the most annoying aspect of Squaw Valley is the infestation of rich yuppies. These things were actually all observed in just one day at the resort:

  • someone using a cell phone ON THE SLOPES
  • someone actually checking their e-mail and internet stock options in the lodge
  • advertisements for Charles Schwabb everywhere
  • 4 or 5 different types of coffee, all of which had fancy names and costed somewhere around 5 dollars
  • a boutique shop.

    So.. if you want to board, and not deal with such silliness, go to Sugar Bowl or Alpine Meadows.. not Squaw Valley.

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