A strange, very rare clone of the classic console Colecovision, the Splicevision is another product of the Brazilian "Reserve of Market" of the 80s.

Differently from Atari 2600 clones, like the Dactar 007, the Splicevision is unique: there's no record of other clones of the Colecovision. It was produced during a very short period of time, in the city of Sorocaba, São Paulo. The Splice was very expensive, and that was the reason of its complete market failure.

The Splicevision internal ROM was a modified version of the original Coleco ROM, translated to Portuguese and with a different logo. The console is fully compatible to the US version, except for the TV standard (PAL-M instead of NTSC).

Certainly the worst aspect of this nice console is its case - an ugly, generic standard white plastic box, so inadequate that makes the use of the Colecovision expansion modules impossible. It's interesting to notice that the controllers were identical to those found in the original Colecovision.

Many different american game cartridges were released (unofficially) in Brazil, under different names: Donkey Kong was released as "Monkey Kong", Looping as "Spitfire", and so on.

As other bizarre clones, the Splicevision is extremely rare even in Brazil. A complete set could be sold for more than US$ 500.

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