The Dactar Maleta ("suitcase") 007 is the rarest Atari 2600 clone from Brazil, produced by Milmar. It is fully compatible with the original Atari VCS, except for the PAL-M television standard, used instead of the american NTSC.

This original console has the format of an executive suitcase, and includes placeholders for two controllers (practically identical to the original Atari joysticks), eight cartridge games and acessories like the power supply and the RF generator.

Just a few hundreds of units were produced, during the 80s. The "Dactar Maleta" is a "Holy Graal" for the Brazilian videogame collectors; many of them consider a heresy to export this console to foreign countries. This is another reason for the high prices (US$ 700 or more) of this awesome piece of hardware at auction sites like eBay.

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