Television show produced by Howard Stern. The show is on Tuesday nights at 10pm on FX. The show is a satire of Baywatch, featuring big breasted bimbo lifeguards with names like BJ Cummings. Every week the characters have to overcome some kind of bizarre scenario. It has lots of skimpy outfits and vast amounts of sexual innuendo. The show blatantly tries very hard to be funny, and goes for every obvious gag in the book. As a result, the show is tired before it even got started, having no original humor or any comic value. It is very low class humor that only simple people will find funny.

Son of the Beach is more of an extention to the Howard Stern Show than it is a satire of Baywatch. The show, while crude and low brow can be quite funny at times, with double-entandras galore. Most episodes are just one dick joke or bad pun after another, but any fan of Stern's radio show will find "Son.." quite funny. The first epidode I saw had SPF 30 (the lifeguard unit headed up by Notch Johnson) going to Hawaii for an unspesified reason, and upon arriving, Notch spies a table filled with bottles of Hawaiian Punch.

Notch: Ohh! Hawaiian Punch! I haven't had this stuff since the last time I was on the Island!
Kimberly: Uhh, Notch, they have that stuff back home.
Notch: Yeah, but it's bottled fresh here!

The easiest way to sum it up is that if you're a fan of the Stern Show, check out Son of the Beach. If you're not, or you're a Christian radical, don't.

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