Son of the Beach is more of an extention to the Howard Stern Show than it is a satire of Baywatch. The show, while crude and low brow can be quite funny at times, with double-entandras galore. Most episodes are just one dick joke or bad pun after another, but any fan of Stern's radio show will find "Son.." quite funny. The first epidode I saw had SPF 30 (the lifeguard unit headed up by Notch Johnson) going to Hawaii for an unspesified reason, and upon arriving, Notch spies a table filled with bottles of Hawaiian Punch.

Notch: Ohh! Hawaiian Punch! I haven't had this stuff since the last time I was on the Island!
Kimberly: Uhh, Notch, they have that stuff back home.
Notch: Yeah, but it's bottled fresh here!

The easiest way to sum it up is that if you're a fan of the Stern Show, check out Son of the Beach. If you're not, or you're a Christian radical, don't.