Slash's Snakepit:

A rock band formed in 1995 by Slash (ex Guns N' Roses lead guitarist) and a number of his friends. Their first album, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" mainly featured songs written for GNR but never included on any of their albums. The lyrics for the first album were mostly made up on the spot by Slash and Eric Dover, the lead singer. Good tracks from that album include "Be The Ball", "Back and Forth Again" and "Neither Can I". The band was silent until late 1999 - early 2000, when a whole-new line up was announced.

Obviously with Slash still playing lead and rhythm guitar, the new line up saw Rod Jackson becoming the lead singer, Keri Kelli playing rhythm guitar, Johnny Blackout (also known as Johnny G) handling the bass duties, Matt Laug on the drums and Teddy "Zigzag" Andreadis (toured with GNR on their Illusions tour '91-92) playing the keyboards, harp and whatever else was needed.

The new album, released in September (Japan) - October (USA) 2000 is titled "Ain't Life Grand", and includes the outstanding tracks "Shine", "Been There Lately" and "Landslide". Slash's Snakepit have opened for AC/DC on their North American tour in August-September 2000, and have since started off on a world tour promoting their new album.

More information about Slash's Snakepit can be found at the official Snakepit fan site

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