A $1.99 pack of 20 Timbits from Tim Hortons.

Since Timbits are 12¢ each, buying the Snack Pack will save you 41¢!

If you hit a Tim Hortons late at night, nice employees will often stuff extra Timbits into your box because they'd just go to waste overnight anyways. So you might actually end up with 5 to 10 bonus Timbits!

A Snack Pack is Le snack in French.

Delicious creamy chocolate pudding in a tiny metal can with a pull-off top.

A pack of snack from Norwegian factory Freia: chocolate covered peanuts and other chocolate covered nuts. I haven't seen Snack Packs sold outside cinemas, as it's primarily targeted towards cinema audiences.

The cinema commercial for the Snack Pack is rather funny, a cheesy 70's style film with bad acting and bad narration.

The snack's good, though!

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