There is a conspiracy theory (either not a serious one, or a very paranoid one) that "The Smurfs" the old T.V. show, was communist propaganda disguised as childrens entertainment. S.M.U.R.F. stands for "Socialist men under a red father". The evidence was that the Smurfs leader, Papa smurf wore all red and that Gargamel was supposed to represent the capitalist upper-class, as he was constantly trying to catch the smurfs so he could enslave them.

Your children are watching the Saturday morning cartoons. Do you ever think about the evil propaganda that is being pummeled at your sweet little five-year-old right between My Little Pony and Care Bears? Well, it's there. 7:30 AM on channel 8, while your child is consuming their third bowl of Cheerios; the Smurfs entice your children into Communism. Think about the message! Several small blue things (for lack of a better word) living together in perfect harmony. As long as they all do their duty, everyone gets along well. Their fearless leader, Papa Smurf, who looks a lot like Stalin, leads when he has to, but for the most part, allows the Smurfs to work, as long as their doing their work.

Now, there's the issue of Gargamel. Who does he represent you ask? None other than the USA! America, who wants to bring down communism! And Asrial, Gargamel's cat represents those countries wishing to be communist, but feel held back by the USA. Propaganda you ask? I think so! So, just a warning to you all-- beware of what is being put into your children's heads! For you never know when they will want to work for free.

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